Monday, February 27, 2006


Well, we got home from Mom and Dad's in one piece. Conner was screaming for the last 20 minutes of the trip. Meghan never did that! She always slept through the whole trip when she was a baby. Oh well, another thing to put on the list of how my children are polar opposites.

I think I am going to have to clean house today. I don't know what happens...We leave the house straightened up and then when we come home it explodes. Mess everywhere. I don't get it. Laundry is going now and I am smelling the coffee I made like 2 hours ago and have yet to get a cup. Must go now!

1 minute later...

Ahhh...that's muuuuch, cream, mother's milk...all is good in the world again!

I added some more pics to flickr, Steph, if you are reading this. It's Conner in Mom's sink. He kept lifting up his foot to let the water run over it. So cute! Here's one:

He's really too big for the sink but I really didn't feel like leaning over the tub.

I had other things to write about but now I can't remember.

I am going to take some pictures of my pottery and drawings to post later so I can show that yes I can make pots! because ya know how it says in my bio that I want to open a pottery studio? yes, that's true and trust me I really miss it and I still want to do this. (I remember what I was going to say now.) I went into my garage to find a book about drawing the human form (which I still cannot find and it's really upsetting me). My "studio" is out there and well, you wouldn't know it because there are boxes everywhere. holding things like Christmas decorations waiting to go to the attic, tons of too small clothes for garage sales (then on to the thrift store if they don't sell), Gene's motorcycle and various tools for changing it's oil, uhhh...and trash. So I can't even get to my clay. I found a little piece of dried clay last night during my book search and was rubbing it between my fingers and I almost started crying! I just felt this overwhelming sadness... Just thinking about it again is making me all teary... (*shivers*) Anyhoo, the weather is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous this week so one of my main projects is clean out the @#%*& garage! I have had enough!

I need to go start in on the house first. laundry. dishes. bathroom. I must not sit down at the computer again until it is finished!

Okay, later ya'll!

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