Thursday, March 2, 2006


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Yes, as I mentioned before I make pots. Or I used to...I haven't in a long time as I spoke about in the previous post. Here is a vase I did a few years ago. It's one of my faves. I really like the color combination. All of these pots were thrown on a wheel.

If it's nice this weekend Gene said we will clean out the garage. Oh yes, I think we will even if it's crappy!

Here's a close up of the rim. the glazes inside and out reacted and made some cool runs and coloration.

this is one of several planters i made

here's the bottomand inside

Jar with a sea theme. I sculpted the fish for the handle. after the pot was thrown and still wet I pressed seashells into the surface and did a little scraffito.

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phillip schmidt said...

hi! my name is phill and i am a student potter at a university. i love that orange matte color you have for a glaze and i am wondering if you would be willing to share the recipe with me? and the name if you know it? you can email me thanks!


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