Friday, January 27, 2006

Good Morning!

Well, not much has been going on aroud here. I did get some new quilting books! One is Denyse Schmidt Quilts and the other is Modern Quilt Workshop by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. I got another book on color theory for quilts by the latter as weel but can't remeber the name. I tell ya that Denyse Schmidt has come cute projects! I'm already workin' on the cute. I Love the smaller projects that I can finish in a day or so. I'd like to make one of the quilts for our bed. The Hop Skip and Jump looks cool and fairly simple. shouldn't take me too long...

Well, I just realized that I am going to be 30 in a few short weeks. I actually feel better about it than I did when I turned 29. Like a new start. I want to not waste so much time and try to ba a better mom and work on my art and and and and and...

DH is going to hire someone full time for the office so I will get to stay home with the kids and work on my stuff. Yeahhh! I'd like to make stuff and sell it maybe on etsy to start. I want to go to the college to take some computer courses cause I'd love to set up my own website.

Well, I must go for now... I leave you with this cutie pic of Mr. C


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