Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy weekend!

Well, as my previous post stated, I finished up my Colette Patterns test sewing! Yay! But before that, on Friday, a milestone was reached for someone very dear to me....

My little man turned 5!!!

I can hardly believe it! Love you sweetie!
Next, I want to (finally) show you all the lingerie set I made for my daughter a couple of weeks ago!

I used a vintage Kwik Sew pattern and this is the fabric and stretch lace from It's a super cute cotton knit screen printed with hearts and 'love', etc. I love how it turned out! She just adores it and wants to wear it all the time. This feels pretty good to me since most of the stuff I make her these days doesn't get worn. She's at that stage.... *sigh* It's all about skinny jeans (gasp) and Converse! I didn't sew for her very much when she was little and now I'm wishing for those days again. She is in desperate need of undies so I can always do that. I also realized over the weekend that she needs some lounge wear! Of all things! That should be easy to throw together. I have some great Jalie patterns that will work perfectly.
Lastly, I want to give you that sneak peek I promised....
Have you all been good...hmmmmm?
Oh well, even if you haven't here it is!

Alright, that's all yer gettin! But don't fret! The new patterns are available for purchase this Friday! Yipee! So be sure to keep your eyes on the Colette blog. I wanted to point out how well my seams matched up. See how pretty? This is always a source of joy and satifaction for me. I just love when that happens!

Next up for me is the HP Uptown/Downtown dress. The pattern is all laid out on my big table waiting to be traced! I keep seeing everyone's amazing creations and I just can't wait to have one of my own!

P.S. Today I'm wearing my fuschia We Love Colors tights. I'll give a review on them (hopefully tomorrow) and the socks from Sock Dreams. I've worn both of those and, let's just say.... well, you'll have to come back and find out!

Hugs & Stitches!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Colette, my love...

Just a quickie update. I finished the test pattern for Colette Patterns today and got all my feedback sent to Sarai like a good little girl. I'm tellin' ya...I love this li'l coat! That's all I'm sayin'. It's late but if you're all good I may give you a sneaky peek tomorrow!

Is the curiosity eating you away.....


Friday, November 13, 2009

Oooo, Friday the 13th...

Mwuaa ha haaaaa....
I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th until I saw it on another blog..... Usually, I'm the one telling my husband "Ooooo, It's Friday the 13th...mwuaa haa haaaa" first thing. Well, that just confirms that I'm a dork. Now I need to go call him a make sure he knows what today is. Tee hee.
Anyhoo, on to other stuff...
Who else, besides me, is loving the super bright tights everyone is wearing?! I just think it's sooo cool lookin'! Well, I get an email from the Lingerie Post everyday and one mentioned these snuggly thigh high socks to wear with your nighties and such. I really liked the M Stocking from Sock Dreams that they highlighted so I headed over their and picked up a black pair and also some gorgeous wavy lace, over the knee socks.

The lacy socks are sooo soft and feel really good on. The ribbed are super thick and should keep me nice and toasty! They're both made from recycled cotton and have minimal packaging. From what I could tell, most of their products are made from recycled cotton. Cool! All those groovy socks got me to thinking about the bright tights that I've been seeing, and loving. I remembered finding a link to We Love Colors some time ago so I mosied on over to their website. The great thing about them is they also carry plus sizes in a lot of their styles. Yay! Seriously, they sell rainbows! I mean, I think they offer like, 50 different colors or something! I picked up Scarlet, Purple, Fuschia in the solids. The 'Splash' colors are #7001 & #2312

Unfortunately, the colors are really washed out in the picture above. They're actually quite rich and vibrant. They feel soft and stretchy and the only thing I found was the foot is really huge! There is no shaping or tapering and it's basically straight all the way down. Even though I'm a curvy girl with 17" calves, I have smaller feet with a tapered ankle and narrow-ish heel. I can even wear some narrow shoes so we'll see how it goes. I'll be sure to give you all my thoughts on both brands.
Everyone have a lovely weekend and don't get into any mischief today. Watch out for black kitties and don't walk under any ladders, etc.
Oh, and what do you think of my mermaids? Aren't they pretty? I love mermaids....

Monday, November 9, 2009

I finally caved....

Yes, in a moment of weakness, I have fallen to that temptress Hot Patterns. When I opened my email from this morning I had absolutely no plans to dump over $40 into new patterns that I really don't need. But when I saw Michelle's cute version I just plum gave in. I watched Trudy's vids on this a couple of weeks ago and it almost sent me over the edge but when I saw it made up and on a real person I just had to have it. I think it'll be so cute with boots and a little jacket for this fall. I've also had my eye on this one forever:

I figured, "what the hell?!" I'm already going broke... Ha! So, I think today I'm going to dig through my stash and find some fabrics that will work for both of these so I can get at 'em when they arrive in a few days.

I did have a productive weekend of sewing! I made my sweet daughter a bra and panty set from a vintage Kwik Sew pattern. She made me wash it last night so she could wear it today so I have no pictures yet. It turned out so cute and really fit her perfectly! Best part is she loves it! I used some fabric and lace I got in a grab bag from some time ago. When I pulled the fabric out of the package I knew it was destined to be made into something for her. The piece was kind of small but that's the great thing about sewing lingerie for little people, it doesn't take much! ;-D

Friday, November 6, 2009

Awesome Thrift Score, Awesome Pin-Up, and Awesome News

Can things get any more awesome?! Teehee! Well, it is Friday after all.....

I wanted to share a bit of awesomeness that has come my way in recent days. First off, I went to the thrift store yesterday to see if I could find some fabric for a coat I'm making (more on that in a bit). Instead I come across a shoe box of mugs that I thought looked terribly familiar. See, I used to work at a gift shop as their Bridal Consultant, which basically means I just registered brides for all the stuff they wanted people to buy them for their big day. Anyhoo, these mugs looked familiar because they are made by a brand that the shop carried. Okay, are you ready....They're Denby Greenwich! DENBY!!! Hello?! I only paid $2.75 for 10 of them!!! The lowest price I could find online was over $20. EACH! Honestly, I felt kinda guilty because they had no idea what they had. But, here I sit, sippin' my coffee, in my new mug, and it's feelin' pretty good! ;~D hehehe

I also found some clogs that were brand new for $4. The brand is Indigo by CLARKS! For Heaven's sake!

Next up is the "new girl" I drew for my hubby's band logo. I think she turned out pretty awesome:

Lastly, you may or may not know how much I love Colette Patterns. Well, the other day Sarai had a call on her blog for test sewers for her new line of patterns coming out soon. I thought "what the hey" and contacted her asking for a slot. Lo and behold, she emailed me back and said I'm in! Awesome!!! Without giving too much away, I signed up to make a short wrap coat. The line drawing is great and her sample is just gorgeous. I ordered fabric and it's on it's way. I chose a wool gauze in a lovely, deep red and a dark purple for the lining. I just got the email this morning that it had finally shipped. 'Bout damn time! I was getting a little panic-y about not having it here in time hence, the thrift shop run.
Well, that's my awesomeness for the week. Do you all have any awesomeness to share?
Oh yes, the word for today is awesome. See how many times you can use it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Go ask Alice...

Ta daaaa....
I had a wonderful time last night! My husband's band rocked the house and my feet and legs are killing me from dancing all night. The four inch heels probably didn't help matters either! I got lots of compliments on my costume and was a runner up in the "Most Original Costume" contest.
Right now I'm exhausted and will probably go take a nap soon! Hope everyone had an enjoyable evening as well!


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