Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cliffhanger... You are correct sir!

I can't believe how true this is! You have to try it!

I am a cliff hanger!
Find your own pose!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


My new project!
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Well, I conned my mom out of this carving she started several years ago. Actually she was in highschool! I didn't really con her. I just asked what she was going to do with it and she said "nothing" so I asked if I could have it and she said "yes". Yea for me! I was remembering it to be a little more finished that it is but I have started carving little bits here and there. I haven't done any woodcarving that I can recall so I'm a bit trepidatious as I don't want to screw it up! Heh... Anyhoo, I think I may stain it a little darker and add hooks to hang it. I want it on my living room wall. I just think it's so neat to think of my mom at 15 or 16 carving on this. Sort of gives a tingle in the fingers if ya know what I mean. Does anyone? Or am I just weird. Probably the latter. oh well. The original pencil markings are still there after almost 40 years that is cool, too. I just had to post this real quick. I need to straighten up the livingroom badly. Ever since we got home on Monday it has looked like a bomb filled with toddler toys went off. Must. find. bigger. container. okie doke, I'm off. Have a lovely evening. I am going to try not to get back on this computer today. Or sit down with my sudoku puzzle book. I can't get enough. Yet, everytime I sit down with that stupid book and a pencil (oh yeah I need a pencil, I don't even try to use a pen) I know I need to get off my lazy ass and do SOMETHING but it just calls to me..."heather... you must sit down and waste an entire hour...doing these puzzles that are never ending...when you really should be changing that stinky diaper and washing the moldy dishes(just kidding, I promise =])..."

Alright! enough already...I'm outta here!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

On the Bunny Train

On the Bunny Train
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Me and Mr. C on the little train in Pratt, KS. They had it running for Easter weekend and we were in the first group to ride. My sister and her kids are in front of us and Meghan is up there, too. She's too cool to be seen with her mother apparently.

We got back from my mom's last night and boy am I tired! Whew. A long weekend with 5 kids and 4 grown-ups in a 2 bedroom house was a little cramped...but fun! The cousins played well together with a very small amount of fighting. The two babies were so cute. They were huggin' and playin' and well, they kept knocking each other over and at times laying on each others heads. But they were having fun (for the most part)!

Easter Sunday was a little hard on all of us. It was the first without Grandad. Me and Mom hated leaving Grandma alone. We were the last to leave her apartment and I was imagining her going back inside with the house being quiet and empty. It made me sad. I have more pictures that I'll post in a little bit.

Monday, April 10, 2006

50's tumblers

50's tumblers
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Had a great thrift shopping adventure awhile back. I found these great glasses. These are so groovy. They are glass but have this rubbery splattery paint stuff on the outside. These were made with kid-ness in mind, I do believe. The tag read 50's tumblers. Coolness! I also found a cool chair that I am going to refinish and a cute book about clay for kids. I'll post a little more later. I need to do some housework. Whoo hoo!


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