Thursday, June 16, 2005

OMG has it been 2 months!?!

Good lord almighty I can't believe it has been two friggin' months since may last post. Bad blogger! Well with Meghan out of school for the summer I think all I have time to do is argue with her and do laundry. She changes her clothes like everytime she gets done swimming and even though the clothes aren't dirty you can bet your bippy that they end up on the floor or in the dirty clothes basket. I hate doing laundry! It takes me forever and when I think I'm done there's another pile awaiting me.

On a happier note...Conner is trying to crawl. He gets his little legs up under him and moves them back and forth. He just hasn't figured out how to move his hands yet. He does this inchworm thing though where he get up on all fours then makes his arms go out from under him then does it again and again and he actually get places. Oh fuck...gonna hafta babyproof. Shit. My house is still a mess by the way. We need a dump truck to stop by.

On a crafty note I knitted my first washcloth. I love it. Not much else though other than tendin' to the little 'uns. Well, crap I have to go do some more fucking laundry!


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