Friday, April 15, 2005

On the homefront...

Well, not a damn thing is going on "on the homefront" other than my house is a mess and we think Conner is teething. He has been getting up 4 times at night for the past couple of weeks. So needless to say I'm exhausted and pretty much walk around like a zombie during the day. Hence, the messy house.

We are going to get some paint, hopefully, this weekend for the trim outside. It is in much needed repair. Also we are wanting to re-do the kitchen in kind of a fifties diner style. Going to go check out the antique mall and see what they have in the way of decor. Would love to get one of those old metal table and chairs to match like an old soda shop or sumthin'. I'm going to make some curtains out of that cute vintage look fabric I've been seeing everywhere. Want to get some that has pin-up girls or somethin' like that.


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