Sunday, November 20, 2005

Birthday boy!!!

Oh. My. God! I cannot believe that li'l Mr. C is a year old! It just makes me wanna cry! This year has gone too fast. We had a small celebration at Granny and Papa's house. The big guy even had his own cake! I think he just looks so sublimely happy in this picture...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET LITTLE MAN! I love you so much! Words just cannot express...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ahh the innocence of children!

Well, the other day I was waiting for my daughter to get out of school and the intermediate school was let out. They get out earlier than the elementary school. Anyhoo, a little boy came walking in the direction of my car. He was just so sweet, walking along with his arms out like an airplane or bird, without a care in the world. He had a fanciful look on his face and seemed to singing some secret song to himself. That just got me to thinking how great it can be to be a kid. Not caring that a hundred cars are zipping by and having your arms out and flapping them up and down wildly. If I was to do that I would surely be turned over to the nutty farm. Sometimes, I miss being a kid but then I remember how much it sucked, too. I would not want to do it over again! I was always the fat kid and was teased relentlessly. Well, that is certainly a depressing memory. I look at my kids and thank goodness they still have innocence in them. At my daughter's age, I knew too much about too much and I'm glad she still has no clue about a lot of things. It's like when you find out about Santa and the Tooth Fairy, you just can't get that thrill back again. That hot tingle in the pit of your stomach that sends silvery shards all through your nervous system when you see the shiny new toys or a crisp dollar bill under your pillow. Hmmmm. It's the end of innocence. Growing up can really suck, too.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Hello, my name is heather m and I am addicted to Craftster.

I have been going to this forum for just a few days now and I can't stop myself! It has so much amazing info you just wouldn't believe it. I have gotten tons of inspiration from it! I think my head might pop with all the projects I have in mind. I think I'd like to do some handmade things for Christmas gifts this year(inspiration from the site). Now I just need to sit down and organize my thoughts, which is not an easy feat for me. I'm very scatterbrained, just ask my husband.

Well, I really need to get off the computer and do some housework, yuck!

Catch ya on the flipside!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well, I win the Lameoid Award of the Year. I am not a good journalist. I don't think I will ever be good at it. I remember starting a journal when me first child was born. I was gonna write down all of her accomplishments and all the cute stuff she did...phthbbb! I got lke to her 1s week and that was it! Can you believe that. I can. Ask my husband. He'll say "oh yeah" ! I started in on the same journal after Mr. C was born and have been much more faithfull. It's actually up to date. Anyway, as much as I look at this here computer you'd think I be here everyday! But, ooohhh no! Aw well.

Anyhoo... C's little sweater has been finished for awhile. I mst say it is uber cute! He looks so handsome in it. It has a few mistakes and I know I didn't seam it up correctly but who gives a fuck! Really! The FMM wants a teddy that is all dressd up. Maybe for Christmas.

I have become addicted to the crack that is
Craftster. I can get on there and go through all the forums and then it has been like 2 hours! It sucks you in and there is no way out...It's like a big black hole of craft. But it's sooo gooood. I was thinking about screen printing and didn't know much and you type it in and *POOF!* all the info you need. And I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon. I didn't realize how much goes into it. Especially the cost... Whew! It's still cool though and maybe someday.


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