Sunday, November 1, 2009

Go ask Alice...

Ta daaaa....
I had a wonderful time last night! My husband's band rocked the house and my feet and legs are killing me from dancing all night. The four inch heels probably didn't help matters either! I got lots of compliments on my costume and was a runner up in the "Most Original Costume" contest.
Right now I'm exhausted and will probably go take a nap soon! Hope everyone had an enjoyable evening as well!


Jos said...

I LOVE your outfit, and such amazing shoes!!

nakadewe said...

So very proud of your creativity. Looks a little like a pin-up girl, just not as naughty. You said your feet hurt from the shoes. How are your ankles? Glad they recognized your talent. Such a cutie!!!!!!!!
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE! You did a great job sis! Wish I could have been there for the band as well!
love ya


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