Friday, March 17, 2006

Come home soon

Come home soon
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Painting I made the other day to frame and hang in the living room. I think it turned out well. It is done in
acrylic on linen textured paper (9" x 12") I was going through some blogs and saw a collage with a big bird in it and I thought of this image. I think it was on this blog.

You can see the loverly yellow wall in the background. This is actually my hallway. The livingroom will be green. I feel like I haven't done a whole lot this week. I have been on the computer way too much. I tell you what, that darn flickr is addictive! I go there everyday and love looking through all the pictures. It gives inspiration and now I need to get off my ass and do something with it. I have had several comments on my work and that is so exciting!

Well, speaking of being on the computer too much I really need to get off and do something else!

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