Monday, March 13, 2006

Must see movie!

I received the Wal-mart movie on Saturday and Gene and watched it that night. I tell you what I was moved to tears one moment and enraged the next. We have decided that we will no longer shop in their stores including Sam's. This movie was a real eye opener. I never really liked Wal-Mart anyway and this adds fuel to the fire. The way they come in and take over and make smaller business close and take advantage of their employees. Not to mention the working conditions of the people that make all the things stocking the shelves of the stores. We may have to pay a bit more here and there but it is worth it to us. I recommend this movie to everyone. Order it online if you don't have anywhere that is showing it and pass it on when you are through. That's what we are doing. I have a friend that works kind of high up at our local Wal-mart and I would love for her to watch it but I know she would take offense. I feel that they have brainwashed her to the point where she would defend their corporation to any extent. It's just ignorant! It makes me so angry! GRRRR! Whew! must.calm.down.

The weather yesterday was so crazy! We had winds close to 60 mph!

here's a shot of the hazy sky over our house.This is from the backyard. The sky had a browner tint to it that the camera didn't really pick up.The sky had a brown haze over it and there were grass fires and South of us in TX they had bad fires that burned towns and people were killed. Goodness I hope it doesn't reach us.

I have to go cook supper now. So more later!

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