Friday, March 24, 2006

Good times

Goodness, I have been away from blogging for awhile! Shame on me! I have been thinking of all kinds of things to write about, honest! I just forget about it and go off on my merry way. Anyhoo, part of the problem is flickr...I'm addicted! Love looking at other peoples artwork and such. I have also been trying to reorganize my craft area. We had my fabric shelf in front of a window which is a major no-no. So we moved things around a bit and I was able to move it against a wall. BTW, Gene and I share our "hobby" room. One side is guitar equipment and the other is my stuff. Although, guitar paraphernalia always ends up on MY side! Hmphf! I don't put my stuff over on his amps or hang stuff from his guitar racks or stack fabric on his shelves, oh no... Ah well, at least I have a big space to do my thang. OH! and I set up a shop on etsy! I don't have anything there yet but I am going to add some pottery here pretty quick. I need to crack the whip and chain myself to the sewing machine to make some stuff for the shop, too. With spring springing I have ideas for some bags and accessories.

I was even invited to be a part of Art recipes. A lot of other artists were asked as well but I still was flattered that they would want me to contribute! Coolness!

We had a really nice snow the other day. The first we've had all winter! It snowed a little last year but not enough to make a snowman and snow angels. It was so long ago I really don't remember. Conner got his first taste of playing in the snow though. I was a little worried about what to do for shoes for him. Cover his with plastic sacks... Then I remembered my wonderful sister, Stephanie, gave me some of her boys' snow boots. YES! The smallest size was a 7 and Conner is a 5 but they fit really well and he was able to walk easily so I was glad he could share in the fun. We bundled up and I, with camera in tote, went out with them to play. Meghan and I made a snowman. Conner and I ate icicles. Rocky ran around the yard at full tilt. I, on the other hand, did not! Conner fell every three steps or so put he didn't care! This was just all to cool. He did not want to go back inside but he trudged back in pink cheeked and wet bottomed and after he got dry and warm he took a long nap. Good times!

For some reason I cannot get pictures to post so will try later!

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