Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Wal-Mart is evil

I was reading a post on this blog and she talked about a movie about Wal-Mart. It is anti-walmart actually as am I. Pretty much everyone here in Liberal dispises that store. So many of the cute little shops we had are closed up and we only have one other grocery store! Yeah! Liberal has over 20,000 inhabitants not including the small little towns around us. Sheesh! It really shows you how much power they have. I ordered the video which you can too here. I am anxious to see it and I am sure it will make me that much more disgusted at them.

Anyhoo, getting ready to go play with my new Gocco machine. I was also very delighted to see a couple of people commented on my pottery over at flickr. That just made my day, I tell you! I am so over critical of anything I do and it just made my heart pitter-patter to see that other potters liked MY stuff. WOW! Well, I better go get after it. Had to take Gene's mom to the eye doctor today and haven't gotten anything done around this joint.

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