Saturday, March 4, 2006

Gocco has arrived!

I got my shiny new Print Gocco today! Yeah!!! I'm very excited to start playing with it. It is actually not brand new. I got it off of eBay. EBay is so great! Anything you could possibly want! Anyhoo, it's not "new" but never been used and all of the stuff is there. The previous owner cut one design out of the sample sheet and opened a couple of inks but that is pretty much it. It also came with the stamp for fabric kit. Gene wasn't to sure how it all worked so he wanted to watch me make a master. Now I must decide on what to make first!

Well, it's kinda late and I'm pooped. We cleaned the garage out today. (see...I told ya we would) It was so windy today crap was blowing everywhere but I found my book on drawing the human form finally. It was buried under a bunch of boxes. Go figure! Anyway, I can get to my clay and most of my tables are cleared off they need a good cleaning as does my wheel. I have a big old wooden table that is very scarred and dinged up but it is really sturdy and I love it. I got it from the junior college here in town. I took a few semesters of their ceramics course and the instructor was moving and it was his table and he said I could have it if I wanted it and I was like, "hell yeah!" Anyway, I was really pissed off because as we uncovered it from all the crap that was on it I found all these greasy stains. Well, apparently my husband placed his dirty, oily rags on my beautiful old wooden table after he changed the oil on his frickin' motorcycle. Can you believe dat? Man, I was mad. Of course he was like oh we can get another piece of plywood and screw it to the top. Well, it's just not the same dammit!

I really need to go to bed now as it is 12:30 AM. Nitey-nite!

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