Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Oh my sweet Gocco

Oh yes...Soon I will be submerged in all the Gocco-ness.

My sweet husband let me bid on a Print Gocco on eBay for my birthday present and I won! YESSS!!! I won't get it for awhile since I had to mail a money order. I can't wait though. I already have ideas swimming in my little head for labels and tags for the stuff I'm making and prints, stuff for t-shirts, and, and, and... I'm really excited if you can't tell! I have been wanting one of these for a long time and while I was looking up prices for pre-printed tags and custom order tags and labels I about choked. I really didn't think they would be THAT expensive. But, I guess that shows how naive I am. Then I found a place where someone was talking about making their own with their Gocco. I can't remember the link or where I found it. I know...I'm an idiot! BUT, anyhoo, it got me to thinkin' that was a pretty good idea and should a bit more cost effective. Hopefully I can stock up on supplies before they discontinue that too.

In other areas of craftiness, I am taking on the task of reorganizing my fabric stash. It is rather immense and I have already found several lovely fabrics that I had completely forgotten about that were submerged in all the muck.

I figure if I really want to start making stuff to sell I need to organize a lot better. I started a list of different products and lines I'd like to make. This has made me quite excited and looking forward to more development in this area. Whoo hoo! Go me! Because I am about the least organized person in the world, well, aside from the US government...ha ha just kidding. Like I've always said "Hey, at least I have the FREEDOM to say what I want, right!" Well, anyway, that's for another time. I'm getting off the subject. I happen to be Queen Procrastination, The Duchess of Late, the Lady of L-A-Z-Y. Especially when it come to making and selling my own stuff. In a rare bearing of the soul moment here, I get so scared about it. I'm so afraid that no one will like it or buy it. It means so much to me and I'm so afraid to get my heart broken or to get any kind of rejection. I asked Gene once when he asked me why I was so afraid to sell my stuff and so oblivious to the fact that it is good and people would buy it if he ever had something that meant so much to him and was so much a part of him that he was frightened to let it go out into the world and if it felt sort of ripped away? Like a part of you being ripped away...not a little unlike childbirth. He didn't. Also, it is just really hard for me to part with the stuff I make. I become really attatched and end up not wanting to part with any of it. I have so many of my pots, vases, and bowls around the house you'd think I was a collector. I kind of am, of other peoples work, but not necessarily my own. That is something I must get over, and quickly, I'm thinkin'. Whew...that felt kinda good to get out.

Speaking of being lazy...I really need to get off this computer and do some work around this joint.


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