Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Mr. Hat

This little guy just loves hats! He leaves them all over the house...ahem...for me to pick up. But if he finds one on it goes. Bowls and boxes serve just as well. It's so sweet.

Well, in other news, I think my husband has found a nice lady to hire down at the office. Yeaaaa! I'm looking forward to not working there anymore. it just really sucks. Well, not as bad as it used to but but we just don't always get along if you know what I mean... I'm also kinda thinking of starting an etsy.com shop. I've got tons of fabric and would love to make bags and maybe little quilts and stuffeds, etc. I'm making a Buddy Guy doll for Conner at the moment I need to finish his eyes and make a guitar for him to hold then he should be done. Tha has been a fun process. Making the pattern and designing the clothes and stuff. Not that it was terribly detailed but fun just the same. I could definately make a habit out of making stuff all day. Well, I really need to get busy on the housework (yech) All I have done so far is make the bed and... well, that's it! Does changing diapers count? Posted by Picasa

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