Friday, February 10, 2006

10 lbs down...

Whoo hoo! Oh yes I have lost 10 whole pounds! And I'm not going to mention how many more I have to go 'cause that will completely depress me. Well, not really... If you have ever been in the situation where you have lost weight and your tighty-tight-tight clothes that used to be loose are starting to ease up, you can vouch for that amazing feeling of accomplishment! Part of that, I know, is my breasts are starting to get smaller now that Conner is weaned (sniff sniff) I do miss nursing though :-( But, man, do they get biggie-big when I'm nursing. They did the same with Meghan. But this time I got up to a J cup. Oh yes, I just said "J CUP"!!! Yeah, they could compete with Pamela Anderson's. Of course I'm not rail thin and look as if I will topple over from the shear weight of them. Well, enough boob talk. I was just so excited to see the scale was going down. I even made sure there were no toys around it to throw it off. One time there was one of Conner's Mega Bloks under the edge of the scale and it said I weighed 30 lbs less. I wish! I'm looking forward to the weather warming up, too. We enjoy family walks through the neighborhoods. It's too frickin' cold right now.

Well, I'm glad it's almost the weekend. I do have to work today. Meghan's school carnival is tomorrow night. I have to work for a half hour. Whoopie! Oh, it's actually kinda fun. The kids really have a blast and it's inside a building so you can just let them free to run and cavort.

I must go get ready to go to work. Have a good day!

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