Wednesday, February 8, 2006

DSQ slippers!

Well, I haven't posted what I have been making in awhile. These slippers come from Denyse Schmidts Quilts book I have. I think I want to make everthing in that book! I don't think our copier can quite enlarge the patterns to what they need to be so they ended up a bit short. I didn't have any vinyl either and used some heavy upolstery fabric and they are too floppy. But I think they are cute. I made the oven mitt too and it's cute and was so easy! I know what I'm makin' for Christmas gifts fer sure, man!

Well, I read the other day where one of my favorite craftblogs is shuttin' 'er down. Little Birds will soon be no more (boo hoo sniff). I always love her beautiful pictures and the colors she uses for...well, everything... are, like, always so perfect! What great style and not to mention the beautiful things she makes. I will certainly be heading over to for some Little Bird action! Her sister Lisa has promised updates so we'll hold her to it...hehehe!

One thing I have noticed is so much Japanese craft. I love it! I can't get enough of it! It's so darn CUTE! I know I will not be able to find any of these books locally but I. must. have. I will just have to order. Another book that I'm thinkin' I must have was on Posie's blog. I love fabric, too. Any kind, every kind, especially vintage and repros. Oooh yesss. I really can't get enough. When I told the quilt shop lady that I liked 30's repros she looked sideways at me and said "REALLY, you do?!" Uh... yeah, duh! (no, I didn't say that to her!)

Well, time so sign off and go do my motherly duties. Oh yes, they have to do with diapers. It's gotta be bad when you can smell your child from across the room. Posted by Picasa

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