Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have been sewing...really!

Yes, it IS true! I have actually been sitting down at my machines and sewing stuff! First, I want to apologize to any of you who had trouble posting comments. I've had a couple of people email me and say they couldn't. I think I got it fixed so let the commenting commence. I love hearing from all of you!

This picture is as good as it gets for now!

Okay! First sewing project is McCall's 5893. I finally made myself a maxi-dress! Better late than never! The fabric was bought last summer and I never got around to it. This is supposed to be an easy one hour dress but it has taken me like a week to finish. I cannot place any fault on the pattern though. It's been all me. The fabric I used was pretty thin and stretchy so I decided to add a lining to the bodice. I just used the outer fabric and cut another bodice piece for this. For some dumb reason I thought I could stitch the neckline and armhole and then it would all turn inside out perfectly. Well, no that didn't happen. No matter how I twisted and turned it just didn't work! I tried and tried to figure it out but since I basically had two tubes attached by two big pieces of fabric it would never work. So, I spent over an hour on that little gem before I realized I was just going to have to rip the armhole seams out. There was no question. Dammit! Amazingly, I found a tutorial on how to do this type of bodice with a lining just in the nick of time but I'll be damned if I can't find that blog now! I may have to do up a tutorial myself on it 'cause it's a pretty handy technique to have stashed away in the ol' noggin! If anyone is interested in a tut let me know and I'll get to work on it.

I also did a 1.5 inch FBA and it turns out I didn't need it. The fabric stretched sooo much I ended up taking out 4" on each side. Yes, a total of 8"! That's just ridiculous. I *almost* started ripping the bodice and skirt apart and then I smacked myself back into reality. I just cut that sucker apart and re-sewed it. This ended up being a very good thing since the bodice and the skirt were both too long and now they're just about right. The bodice is still a bit long.

Another thing I changed was I didn't make a casing at the bodice/skirt seam as directed. I hate doing that and think it looks really sloppy. Instead, I just measured the elastic to fit around me just under my bust. Then I stitched it to the seam allowance just as you would a waistband; quartering the elastic and dress, stitching with a zig-zag while stretching the elastic to fit.

Wow, that doesn't make a lick of sense but you understand now why a one hour dress turned into a 1 million hour one.

Next up is some more sewing for the little girl I used to babysit. She's turning three so I wanted to make her some new outfits for fall. I've only made these little pants so far. I used Ottobre 1/2009 design #21 for the base. I adapted it into one piece instead of two so you just cut out, sew the inseam and crotch, hem, and make the waistband casing and yer done! Love that!
Now I just need to find some fabric to go with this rosy coral! I'm having a really hard time. None of my knits go with it, unless I use white, so I'm probably going to have to use a woven. I have some more knit tops to make and maybe some jeans. I'll share those when I get done!

Looks like lots of back to school sewing has been going on around the blog-o-sphere. I love to see all the cute stuff people are making. The weather is starting to turn cooler and the trees are starting to let go of their leaves. I love this time of year!


K.Line said...

You may inherit my bra supplies yet :-) Love the dress but I think it may be a teeny bit roomy. Not that I'm suggesting you change a thing - I mean it looks great and it's already sucked up a lot of your life. But next time you make it, when it really does take an hour, maybe raise the elastic up a bit higher under the bust? The fit on the upper bust is phenomenal, btw.

Don't you hate it when you do to all the effort of the FBA for nothing?! But whenever you forgo it, that's when you actually need it??!

Heather said...

I think it is too big, too. I don't plan on wearing it alone, probably with a cardi or jacket. I hate my upper arms so they must be covered! Anyway, I hope that also covers up the fact that's it so big.

And, yes, the whole FBA thing is a pain in the arse!

Debbie Cook said...

It's slimming, for sure! I still have a maxidress on my list but I have the feeling it will end up being a nightgown. LOL!

Big in Japan said...

Yay for improved comment posting! And yay for sewing! Heather, have you shrunk?

In the dim moodiness of your photo it looks almost like a slinky evenin' dress, yeow!

Sometimes I think those patterns with the "completion time" printed on them are especially doomed. One hour? As if! In my case, that's almost a guarantee that everything is going to go wrong.

beangirl said...

Girl, either you are getting smaller or that is one incredibly flattering pose. Or dress. Not sure. Regardless, "Yay you!" (And not in a snotty Bratz way, either.)

Heather said...

Thanks guys! I have shrunk by about 15 lbs. w00t!

Debbie: Ha! I hope I wear it, as much stinkin' trouble as it gave me. This would be a really cozy nightgown though... LOL!

BinJ: I agree whole-heartedly about those danged "easy" patterns!

Beanie: Thank you! I took about a billion pics before I settled with this. Not the best, but it does the trick...

Tina said...

I love this dress on you, Heather. Make another one! I see on the McCalls website they say in small print: "1 Hour Dress. Sewing machine time only"!

Sheila said...

Love the eggplant color and it looks lovely on you. Stretchy fabric can be a true pain in the backside. I was giggling over your bodice lining fiasco... I had that same issue too. With a week worth of hard work the dress came out great. Definitely do a tutorial.

Heather said...

Tina: Thank you! I may do another in a less stretchy fabric!

Sheila: I'll get to work on it as soon as I can. And thank you! The color is much prettier in person, very rich! If the dress didn't work I was going to try to salvage as much as possible to make a shirt or something!

Anonymous said...

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Angela said...

Great maxi! It looks super comfy and stylish at the same time!

angie.a said...

Wow, woman. This looks great on you! I don't even think it's too big! Lovely. And congrats on the 15 lbs!! I'm sadly not doing so great in that arena. Sigh.

Faye Lewis said...

Thank you Heather! You make me feel good about the whole thing.

Clio said...

Hey Heather - I've nominated you for a blog award which you can pick up at my blog. No pressure - I know it's not everyone's thing.

Here's the link:


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