Friday, June 9, 2006


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In the garage sale stuff I found this pale green dress I had made several years ago. The stripy fabric is some old sheets of ours that I loved. I transformed these into some new jammies for Meghan and I! They turned out really good and were comfy. AND!!! and they fit! I just used Meghan's measurements to make hers. She was asleep 'cause I started hers at like midnight so I had to wait till morning to finish the straps. She loves them by the way! Now she wants more! I need to make Conner some though. We go through his jammies so fast! I think just about every morning that kid is soaked! He just pees and pees at night! I got bigger diapers because I thought the others were too small but he leaks out of these because they are to big! Sheesh!

Well, off I go to sew!

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