Wednesday, June 14, 2006

brain farts

ever have one of those days when everything you you do makes you think "oh crap, why did I do that?!" yesteray was like that for me. Now, generally I believe myself to be of above-average intelligence and quite clever and witty. It was a smack-the-forehead day for li'l ol' me yesterday.... It all started when I was packing up some goodies for my dear sister and her daughter when I got the idea that I needed to send her boys something, too. I mean you just can't do that to little kids. The gift I'm sending my neice was actually for her birthday that was over a month ago... uh, yes! I'm a horrible procratinator but that's a different story. Anyhoo, I thought some little tote bags would be cool for them. They could put all their goodies in 'em and maybe use them for library trips. So I got to work on those. I had just bought some transfer paper the other day and thought "hey, wouldn't it be cool to put their names on them!" Okay, so things are going pretty good so far, right? Well, I hopped on over to the computer and spent all this time finding cool fonts and colors to go with the bag colors.... I printed them out on the iron transfer paper and let 'em dry. As I was getting ready to iron on the first one I thought maybe I should do a test run first. Good thing 'cause my dumb ass forgot to reverse the print. Duh. Then I reprinted the names and was happily ironing the first one to it's respective bag. The bag is dark denim so I printed my eldest nephew's name in light yellow, thinking it would show up, right? Wrong. It was translucent yellow and so it doesn't even friggin' show up! Um, the package DID say to only use it on light fabrics.... but ya know I'm just soooo smart that I thought of a way to get around it. Duh #2. Okay so finally, I lifted everything up and I had been ironing on my work table with the required pillowcase under the fabric. And what did I find you ask? I f@#*ing melted my cutting mat! Of course on the back it says keep away from heat and cold. super duh #3. For crissakes what is the matter with me?!? Here's the finished product:

I'm just going to make a patch and put over the boo boo.

Oh that's alright just laugh.... =P


Amy said...

Damn I hate those days! Even though you had so many brain farts, I'm sure the boys will like their patched tote bags.

Heather said...

heehee thanks! I hope so, too!

I think I've been having a whole week of brain farts, though....yikes


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