Tuesday, June 6, 2006

dresses made for 20yr olds should not be worn by 60+ yr olds!

Well, I might be gettin' a little tailoring business today. My M-I-L's neighbor needs to have a dress shortened...by tomorrow!!! Yeah, she's friggin' crazy anyway. Uh... literally. and annoying you know the type. and she always like hums through her nose and she's really nosy. I said I'd have to look at the dress first as I usually require at least a week on stuff like this. She'll be over soon.

Okay, she just left. Um, I'm not sure this woman should be wearing this dress... but hey, it's money in mah pocket! so I will just shut up. I guess I better get started. My house is a mess, too. I need a maid...


Julie said...

Ha ha! I hope she doesn't read your blog! :)

Heather said...

tee hee! I know she doesn't. She doesn't have a computer and probably doesn't even know what a blog is!


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