Friday, May 19, 2006

Some of the worst pain ever...

aside from, maybe, childbirth...watching your baby get shots! Oh yes! Conner had to get two shots yesterday. Poor little man... he hasn't been eating very well all week and then on Wed. he got a high fever and the same on thurs. so in to the Dr. we went! He has strep AND tonsillitis!!! His Dr. said his tonsils were HUGE and she drew us a picture of how huge they are. Poor man... Anyway, we got home and he was in so much pain he just screamed and cried and straightened out his little legs 'cause they hurt! One of those shots seemed large enough for a horse. Who could blame him! I just cried too. I felt so bad for him and there is not much I could do besides hold him (trying not to touch the injection sites!) Oh goodness, it was a mess...but he is much better now and has some meds to take. She gave us all scripts in case we get it too.

On a happier note! My good friend Mary from back in my Texas days called and told me she is preggers! It's been a long bumpy road for her and she sounded happy for the first time in years. Then, I read my new friend
Amy's blog and it says she most likely will be having a little girl! Yeah! Babies!!! Let me get rid of another 50 lbs. and I'll be ready for another one, too! Heehee...

On the crafty side, I'm nearly finished with Kati's tote bag. I think she may have had sticker shock when I told her the price of the other bag so I don't know if she'll want this or not. I think $30 is pretty reasonable for a handmade bag though! If she doesn't take it I'll pop it on etsy. I want to try to make a really cool thing I found on
Craftster the other day, too. It's a changing pad that holds diapers and and travel wipes. Coolness. Since my diaper pouch thingy I thought I invented is actually patent pending by some other friggin' lady I can't very well market mine. I had drawings and measurements and everything and then I come by that f*@kin' diapeewipee thing...dammit! Oh well.

I can hear Conner up so I better go check on him. Maybe he'll want to eat now that his little throat feels better.

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Amy said...

Oh my gosh, Heather! I was just telling John the other day that shots are going to be a tear jerker for me. I saw my niece get shots once, and it was horrible!

I hope your little man gets better REAL soon.

You're right, $30 isn't too much to ask for a handmade bag. But some people just don't realize all the work that goes into it.

Those diaper/wipes pouches are really cool & I was going to make one too. So I'll do a search on craftster for the pattern.

Sorry for the long comment!


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