Friday, May 5, 2006

The End

Well, not of me but, the gift shop that I used to work for is quitting business. They wanted me to work all this week (and then some) but I just couldn't do that. I did work yesterday for the first day of there sale. It was so busy but nice to get out of the house for the day. It was also really sad. They are all good friends and I will miss coming in at Christmas time to do up their window displays (which I have done for the past few years even after I had to leave to work for the hubby). There were all the ladies outside banging on the door to get in and the owners wanted to say a prayer before we opened. We were all crying and I had mascara tears dripping down my face seconds before they opened the doors. Of course I was wearing a white top and had to walk around all day with little grayish teardrops on my shirt. Greeaaaat! I tried the shout wipes to get it out (which usually works on everything) and it only made it worse. Oh well! The downtown area is kind of dying (like most towns) Thanks to that friggin' store that is not to be mentioned. It begins with a W and ends with know the one.
Well, I am going to shut up now and put away all the clean dishes my MIL so lovingly washed for me while I was working yesterday. May all the Gods rain down blessings upon her! =)
Later y'all!

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