Monday, May 1, 2006

It's raining, it pouring...

Coming home from Amarillo on Saturday we hit some rain. I just love it when you can see the rain falling. Once we came on a wall of rain. It was really second your dry and then the next it's pouring down. neato. Anyhoo, we had fun. I bought a bunch of fabric to make bags. a girlfriend of mine was wanting a diaper bag like mine and then she ordered one for a friend of hers that just had a baby. I'm going to make up several others and put them up on Etsy. Which reminds me that I NEED to photograph my other pots and get them up, too. Hopefully my friend will spread the word and I can sell some bags. She is one of those people that has tons of friends so it could work to my advantage if she drops my name here and there! teehee =) I need to get a move more later!

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