Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Bird's

I love birds! And now we have a little bird family beginning in front of our house! I've been noticing these birds flying into a spider plant I have hanging right in front of our livingroom window. At first I thought they were just getting stuff for there nest and flying off. Well, the other day I took my plant down (out of curiosity) and, sure enough, they are building their nest right inside my plant! My mom has had this happen a few times but we never have so I'm mighty excited about it! I can't wait till they start laying eggs so we can watch for the babies to hatch. I'm not sure what type of birds these are. The male has a pretty red head and the female is brown and really stripy so I am thinking a type of finch. Purple finch maybe? I dunno but it is cool all the same. Here they are looking at their nest. I try to get pictures of them through the window but every time they see the slightest movement they hurry off. Hopefully they will get used to me looking at them and not run off. It was kind of cute how they were ducking their heads down to check on the nest.

I took this picture just a second ago and noticed they have added some stuffing so their little abode will be plush and cozy. When I looked the other day it was just started and there were a few twigs, a tiny feather, and a bit of an indentation in the soil were they must have scratched the dirt around. CUTE!!! I just love it!

In other, more crafty news, I am working away at the totes. I ran out of interfacing and since I DO NOT shop at that one store I ordered it online from JoAnn's and thankfully they had a 50% day. Whoo hoo! So I just said "what the hey!" and ordered a bolt of the stuff. It got here really quickly and I'm back in action. Here's a li'l sneaky peak:


Amy said...

Oh, how sweet and exciting about the bird's nest! The red one (male, I'm assuming) is very pretty.

Heather said...

Isn't it neat?! There are two tiny eggs in there now and can't wait for some little babies!


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