Monday, April 12, 2010

More Test Sewing and Mabe Some Jeans?

As I mentioned before I'm testing one of the two new Colette patterns coming out soon! My results are due today so i need to get crackin'! Don't worry, I'm really almost done! I also read that Pattern Review is having another Jeans Sew-Along. I'm thinking of joining or at least following along. Believe it or not, I've never made myself a real pair of jeans! I've made capris with a fly opening and made my DD some shorts that have jeans stylings but I've never made myself a pair of jeans! I have plenty of denim so that's not an issue. I have lots of jeans zippers from the thrift store too. I think I have everything I need now I just need to find the guts to do it! LOL!

On a side note: My friend who lost his job found full time work! YAY! So now I'm watching their girl full time on through the summer till I start school. I'll probably be sewing for her a bit more. It is oh-so-much fun making little things!


Tina said...

Heather, it would be GREAT to have you on the Jeans Sew-Along! (Sounds like you won't even have to go out to buy anything for it ;)

Millie said...

I have no nice denim, but jeans sound like they'd be fun to try. I look forward to seeing your latest creations.

Heather said...

I just laid out a piece of stretch denim to let it "breathe" before I cut it out tomorrow. Apparently that's the secret to getting stretch denim to keep its shape? Who knew! I'm dying to ask what type of patterns Colette is releasing next - tops? bottoms? coats?

Heather said...

Hrmmmm... Not sure I should say too much 'cause I don't want to get into trouble! From what I understand she's going to start putting out fewer patterns more often so this time there will only be two. I don't know what the other pattern looks like (I know what it is though) but mine is fun, with that vintage flair we all love...and a little bit sexy... Okay, that's all I'm sayin'! Mwhahahahaaaaa... *rubs hands together*

angie.a said...

You're incredibly mean. haha! Now I'm dying to know!!

I think I might join the Jeans Sewalong if for no other reason than to procrastinate on my other projects. ;)


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