Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Something For ME

with really bad pictures because I didn't feel like setting up my "tripod" (which is in fact a chair with books, boxes and whatever else to get it the right height).
This is the Ottobre 2/2007 #2. I've made this before and I really like the fit.
Coverstitch Porn! Mmmmmm... 
On the last top I made I didn't do the sleeve as instructed and just did a straight hem. This time I did but I'm not really sure if I did it right. The instructions kinda confused me (not so hard these days!). I think it looks okay even though it's not lined up perfectly. Ah well..... at least it's another piece of clothing for my steadily dwindling wardrobe! Oh, I used Chez Ami fabric...again.


KID, MD said...

Way cute! I like the sleeves. They turned out well, even if the instructions didn't make sense. The turquoise binding is a nice touch, too.

beangirl said...

Excellent! (Rock on! Dude!... I am channelling Bill and Ted today). This is great, love the colors and love that sleeve hem. I have a box of Chez Ami fabric that I haven't even WASHED yet, let alone used. I have quality issues. I can't seem to cut into the quality fabric (even if it cost less than the cheap fabric).

Wow. So rambling on with no point. Sorry! (Dude.)

gwensews said...

Cute top. I like the turquoise binding on the black/white stripe. Very upcale RTW!

Heather said...

I love it! Do you have a coverstitch machine? If so, I'm totally jealous.

angie.a said...

Coverstitch porn! HAHAHAHA!!!! I seriously love that tee. And why haven't I any Chez Ami to fondle? Damn that beangirl for beating me to a good fabric source.

Heather said...

Thanks guys!
KID, MD: Thanks Katie! I really like the contrast too. It's something different!
Beangirl: I love that movie! I had the biggest crush on Keanu! Okay, who am I kidding...I still think he's hot. I still have quite a bit of unwashed Chez Ami, too!
Gwen: Wow! Thanks!!
Heather: Yep, I sure do! And I luuurve it! I thought I was going to have to sell it and that made me very sad!
Angie: LOL!! You should check out their fabric! Seriously. It's super nice stuff. They have a clearance section (it's a little picked over right now but they'll add more later) and it's only $7 for a 2 yard piece.

Kim said...

Very cute shirt...and I think the sleeve hem looks fine (I made this shirt once and definitely need to make more). What coverstitch machine do you have...I DEF need to get a binder attachment for mine!).

BTW...got my package and LOVE it! Thank you SO much...can't wait to try the pattern and lace and everything else!


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