Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Otto outfit....

and a top for me (in the works)!

I finished this up last week for Miz K. I used the same Kamomilla T-shirt and Saimi Sweatpants patterns. I didn't add the cuff to the pants since they were so long anyway and, stupid me, I forgot to gather the front on that damn neckline! Grr! I did make short sleeves for this one and used clear elastic to make the gathers. I then applied the binding over it all. Can I just say here how much I stinkin' love my coverstitch machine? The binder attachment is so frickin' awesome, too! Anyhoo, the little bow is not attached to the top but is a hair bow I made using scraps. All fabric is from Chez Ami!

The top I'm making myself is from Ottobre Woman and is from the famous 2/2007 issue. I think it's design #2, the 3/4 sleeve Tee. I'm using Chez Ami fabric. Shocking, I know. I've made it once before and I wear that top so often it's really worn out now. I may make a few of these with different sleeve variations since I need tops so badly. It's really pitiful when you reach in your closet and realize your husband has more clothing that you do! In defense of that, I did go through my stuff the other day and I took out everything that was faded or stained, which was most of my wardrobe. I really need to make up a SWAP storyboard!


KID, MD said...

Yay for sewing for you!! I love cleaning out my closet. It makes me feel so empowered to sew. Well, I don't have anything to wear!

K.Line said...

This is so adorable and so beautifully made! You could open a shop and sell children's clothes, seriously.

beangirl said...

Very cute. I heart Ottobre, they are just the best thing going. I haven't tried the women's patterns yet because I can't seem to justify it when I have about 200 patterns that I never use (not to mention BWOF).

Go you, on the clothes for you!

gwensews said...

That's a totally cute little outfit!

Heather said...

Thanks everyone!

Kristen: Well, I've definitely thought about it!

I got my top done and am wearing it today so I'll post about it later!


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