Friday, February 26, 2010

Ottobre outfit finished!

I finished up the outfit for the little girl I've been babysitting. I've mentioned before that her daddy lost his job last year so they can't afford to buy her a lot of extras. She's growing like a weed as most little ones tend to do so I thought I'd make her a few things. I forgot how much I love making clothes for little kids! Especially little girl clothes....since my little girl doesn't want me making her clothes anymore. Well, except bras, panties and jammies. I was measuring her for undies recently and she asked why I needed her waist and hip measurement. I said, "It's for the panties. Why? Do you want me to make you something?!" She promptly replied, "NO!!". That "no" had an incredulous tone to it so I figure that I should just be happy making her undies. That ship done sailed, I guess.
Anyhoo, on to the outfit.
The top is Ottobre 1/2010 #2A or the "Kamomilla" T-shirt. Dress is also Ottobre from the 1/2009 issue. It's design #8 called the "Babushka" pinafore. I left off the frill though. The pants are the "Saimi" sweatpants I mentioned in the last post.
I like how it turned out and Miz K just loves it. When we were putting it on my son chimed in that she looked like a zebra, in a good way (This was before we got the dress on). I'm not sure how I like all the stripes either. It's sort of too Prison Chic for me. I may make her some different leggings to go under the dress and a different top to go with the striped pants. I have a red and white polka dot top I made for myself and every time I wear it she always pets it and oooo's and ahhh's over it. I'm sure I have enough leftover to make her a little top!
I did make a couple of stupid mistakes. I swear I can be such a dummy but that's what you get for sewing whilst tired. One of the reasons I picked the top was the sweet little gathering in the front. When I attached the binding do you think I remembered to make the gathers? Hell no! There was no way I was going to rip it all out and it turned out fine. The neckline is not too big, thank goodness! For the pinafore I fussy cut the front piece so the hippy chic, flowers, and bubbles were all nice and centered. It looked good! I assembled everything and got all the top stitching done. Then.... I realized I had attached the back shoulder straps to the front skirt piece and vice versa! DOH! I got very lucky in that the back, even though I haphazardly cut it out, had the girl's face and hair in all it's entirety and the flowers and bubbles filled the rest of the space. At least she'll look cute coming and going! LOL! Like that could be hard, you see those white-blond curls! She's a doll!

If you're curious, the fabric for the pinafore is By Robert Kaufman and it's called "Lucky Girl". I'm not sure if it's discontinued or not. I've had it in my stash for at least a couple of years.

Don't forget to enter the Giveaway! You have until Monday, March 1st and I keep adding extras to the pile! *wink*wink*


gwensews said...

I'm glad to have found your blog. That's a cute little outfit, and so nice of you to make some things for her. Even little girls like new clothes! And yes, the little girls do get to place where they want only RTW. That changes when they are adults though, and they want you to sew for them again.

beangirl said...

That is so CUTE. Sewing for little girls is totally fun and now I'm sad looking ahead to when my girls growl "NO" when I ask if they want me to make then something. On the other hand, I might actually get something made for myself... in any case, this is a very very cute outfit and you a very very nice person. so there.

K.Line said...

Not prison chic at all! (Though that's a hilarious way of putting it.) I think the entire outfit is adorable - eclectic, the way the kids are these days.

What a sweetie-pie she is, and how lucky to have you as a friend and caregiver.

KID, MD said...

Holy. Freakin. Cute! I'm so glad that I have both of those issues of Otto, so I can ruthlessly rip off your outfit. :-) Assuming I can find some of that awesome hippy fabric. Love it!!

Heather said...

Oh, I love Ottobre for girls! I don't think the stripes are too jailbirdy. In fact, I made and sold black and white striped leggings on Etsy called jailbird leggings! I love stripes on a kid's legs for some reason.

You should add that outfit to Pattern Review, it's adorable!

Heather said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather said...

Thanks everyone! She loves it and that's what's most important.
Heather: I'm going to get a review done for them pretty soon!


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