Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Call to My Sewing Sisters and Brothers!

Okay, I know a lot of you out there are vintage freaks just like me! I acquired this pattern awhile back off Ebay but I haven't been able to find out ANYTHING about Blue-and-White patterns!

As you can see, they are quite literally blue and white:

From the pattern cover I see that it comes from the Woman's Home Companion Magazine that was in production from 1873 to 1957. I was just wanting to maybe date the pattern and see if anyone else knows anything about Blue-and-White patterns. I haven't seen any others before or since.

Up next on the cutting board, so to speak, is an outfit for my friends' daughter. The pants are Ottobre 1/2009 #16 or the "Saimi" sweatpants. The pattern is super easy and I love one piece pants for kids. They fit her really well and she was so excited about them! I feel a stack-and-whack comin' on. For all my fellow Chez Ami fabric lovers out there, I used their black and white stripe jersey and red rib knit! Is their fabric not the best?! The groovy pink fabric is a twill that will be a jumper or pinafore of some kind (I think I bought it on Ebay). I've gotta search my magazines for a pattern to use.

I have to add that I just LOVE reading all of your crowning achievements! It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I may have to do this more often! Keep 'em comin'!



Anonymous said...

From the design of the bra and the slight pear shape of the model, I'd guess early-to-mid 1930's. Have you made it yet? I'm dying to try my hand at vintage-styled undies.

beangirl said...

Chez Ami is having (yet another) fabric sale today, additional 25% off or something like that. Just sayin'.

Heather said...

Andrea: That has been my guess too. Have you seen this pattern company before?

Beangirl: Yep! I got the email and it is taking all my will to not buy anything. I even loaded my shopping cart and then closed out the window! I'm pretty proud of myself actually!


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