Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yellow Undies for New Years Eve?

Did you know it's good luck to wear yellow undies on New Years Eve? It's supposed to bring wealth in the new year, too. New ones are best and getting them as a gift is even better. Why yellow you ask? It's the closest color to gold, of course! You're even supposed to throw away all your old panties at the stroke of midnight!

I could really use some good luck and wealth in 2010 so, I'm going to gift myself with a new pair! That counts, right? I have all my supplies ready to go. I'm just trying to decide if I want yellow lace or black. I'm leaning towards the black 'cause it's just sexy!


Jos said...

Thinking about putting some yellow together myself today :-) Happy New Year!

Jos said...

I didn't have enough fabric.....Did you find anything yet to wear on the outside?


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