Friday, December 11, 2009

sorry no pics today!

I really meant to take pictures of my Hot Patterns Uptown/Downtown dress to show you. Well, I did take a couple but they were really horrid and you could see my messy desk/house in the background. They just weren't fit for posting. I'm a little *meh* about the pattern at the moment anyway. Lets just say my fabric choice wasn't right for the neckband and it looks crappy and I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. Maybe just rip the whole damn thing up...

Tomorrow/Saturday is my obligatory "Roadie Duty" since the hubster and his band are playing. They're going to be rockin' out in Borger, TX at the Main Street Bar (I think it's called) so if you're anywhere near come join us. I'm kinda sore from swimming and doing my water aerobics classes all week so we'll see how I feel after lugging around amps and monitors. And it's supposed to be a little warmer Saturday and Sunday which is a bonus. You haven't lived until you've loaded a truck with musical equipment at 2:30 AM in freezing temperatures, I'm tellin' ya! I'll take pics and share them next week!

Everyone have a lovely weekend!


K.Line said...

I made that uptown/downtown dress too - and I hated it. I ripped the top from the bottom, gave the top to my kid (very Flashdance on her) and put some ribbing on the top of the skirt. It was rather disappointing.

Heather said...

Yeah, I'm thinking about doing the same thing. I've worn the dress twice and it just sucks. I hate that it's just hanging there in the closet though. I like your idea about the ribbing for the waistline. And, yes, I was disappointed with it too since I've seen such glowing reviews about it.


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