Monday, May 19, 2008

Before and After

Ummm...yeah, so this is what my sewing table looked like before
and this
Here's another angle... I didn't realize how much of a disaster this whole thing was until I started digging it all out! It took me about three days! I thought at first, I can get this done in an afternoon while Conner takes his nap. No problem! Yeah right. Was I in for a big surprise. I cleaned out a lot of crap and gave Meghan several items. She's starting to get into sewing (yay!) so I gave her a whole box of fabric scraps and some thread and needles. Lets hope she keeps those off the rug. Anyhoo, I got some more storage containers at the $ store for all the little bits and pieces.
So here's the outcome:
I moved a lot of stuff around and rearranged my table. Now I have a sewing section to the right and drawing to the left. It already makes me feel more productive. I sat down and started drawing the other night and it felt so good to have room to spread out! Gee imagine that.

This is the last week of school, too! Conner is going to summer school through June so he can get a little extra speech therapy. He's doing really well with it, by the way. Making lots more sounds and starting to say some new words. He's even stringing some words together now! Meghan is super excited about being done with school. I can NOT believe she'll be a sixth grader!
Man am I old!

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