Friday, October 7, 2005

Sweater progress!!

I can't believe it...I actually finished the back and left front of Mr. C's sweater! I am starting on the right front now. Should be done this weekend. My Grandma would be so proud. I don't know if she ever knits clothing. Washcloths and crocheted blankies yes, but I think maybe she made me and my sister some sweater vests when we were kids. Oh yeah you know the ones. If you were alive in the 80's you remember the Sweater Vest! V-neck and maybe some stripes...

Oh the horror. At least when the 80's styles came back it was more the Madonna style than Grandma's knitted vest style. Oh yeah I KNOW you remember!

On another note: I am just wondering why I am so stupid that I can't get My blog to look as cool as other peoples. I mean, I tried to list the sites I like to check out on a regular basis and so I go to the Blogger Knowledge page and follow the steps and it never works! I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong! I need to take a friggin' computer course just to figure this shit out! I need to learn how to link to other sites, too. I'm just lost. Also I know no one else but me is reading this so I won't have any fellow friendly blogger say "Hey Heather here's how it goes". Oh well, I'm a retard.

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