Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Got these in the mail yesterday! One of the perks of test sewing for PB Figgy's is all of us testers got copies of the final patterns we tested! Isn't that sweet?! Way more than I was expecting. I'd say this is a pretty good gig! :-) Kelly's kids are featured on the front covers and I though that was pretty darn cool! On Patty Young's blog she has a little excerpt from the 2010 Bernina University Fashion Show and it features the Beach Bum Hoodie and Board Shorts!

The kids are spending the week at my parents so I'm getting ready for a garage sale this weekend. Not exactly what I enjoy doing but it's so much easier when they're not around and sifting through everything. Usually there are whines of, "you caaaan't sell thaaaat!!" So, it's best to do this sans kiddos. Then I'll be gearing up to sew some back-to-school clothes. I did get the Riff t-shirt from Ottobre 3/2010 made Sunday night but Conner wore it to Grandma's and I didn't get a pic of it yet. I used a striped knit and didn't do the guitar applique this go 'round. It was incredibly easy to sew and I did most of it on my regular machine. I just used my coverstitch for the hem and to sew the neckline and armband seam allowances down. Also, the bra I made, the Kwik Sew 3300, ended up being fit for the princess so I see a few more of those in store. She actually said it was comfortable! Holy crap! Now, if she was just telling me that...I dunno. I have tons of pretty fabrics and lace so she should have a nice collection here pretty soon. I so desparately need new ones myself but I'm waiting a little while to see if the girls shrink anymore. I'm planning on amping the ol' excersize routine once school starts and I have more time. Both of my classes are in the morning so I'll have extra time in the gym before I pick up Mr. C from school.

Y'all have a great week!


Millie said...

Thats really lovely that you get copies of the final patterns...Good gig you got there! Interesting that they're Kelly's kids too. Enjoy the child free time... And the garage sale...as much as you can..

Heather said...

I'm enjoying it but missing them sorely already!

Kelly Hogaboom said...

I was so pleased to get those lovely patterns.

That photoshoot was awesome and our kiddos held up so well with tons and tons of swimming in the lake afterwards. My husband Ralph took a lovely video during the shoot.

I have some organic hemp/cotton on the way and I want to make another pair of Dillingers. Great cut of pants!

Heather said...

I know, the Dillingers are great! They look so good on Conner. I have quite a bit of denim and I'm going to make him some jeans for school. I think they'd also be cute as shorts!

I saw your video the other day. I love the part with the snake and snail. My son got a kick out of that too. We're nature lovers around here!

angie.a said...

Hey, that's definitely a good gig. Enjoy the little bit of peace. I'm always lost without them too though.

angie.a said...

Ugh. I keep forgetting I don't have my email addresses set up on this computer ( my mac is in the shop). Email me, I have a bra question!

Heather said...

Gottcha emailed!

figgys said...

HI! Just saw this post!
You are the best pattern tester EVER!!
Thanks H!
I just got back from a long weekend of camping, no internet allowed (said the husband)!
Ready for round two of testing. :)
I hope the kids are home now and you are enjoying your time!

Heather said...

Aw, thanks Shelly! Camping and no internet sounds so sublime! I'm ready for testin'! Bring it on, sistah!!


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