Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I think I mentioned something the other day about testing again for Patterns by Figgy's. This sweet little kimono-styled jacket is the "Bamboo Little Woo" being released this Fall! It really is a cute design and very easy to sew up! I made this up in a super soft baby-rib. The woven is a loose-weave cotton.

Also, remember forever ago when I mentioned Colette Patterns had some new releases coming soon and I was pattern testing again? Well, I just saw the new patterns are out and have been for awhile. I have good reason to be late, being out of the loop and all. I tested the Nutmeg set and it is gorgeous and sexy! The pieces are also very simple to sew up, the bralette being a bit more difficult. I have no pictures at the moment due to my crispy, deep-fried computer situation (we lost a lot of pictures! *sigh*) so I'll have to shoot some more. This is more of a heads-up that Sarai has new offerings! 
Here I am at the lake this last weekend. I look like crap but you can kinda make out my melting figure. I was pleasantly surprised...

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Millie said...

Pretty little jacket..Figgy's seem to do lovely patterns......I just ordered my first Colette pattern this morning...the Parfait dress! Wish me luck!
You're looking great btw!


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