Sunday, May 31, 2009

Out of commision...?

Maybe? At least for a little while, anyway. I've got to get ready for our trip to Ohio and finish painting this darn house! I wanted to get it done before I leave but now I'm thinkin' if I can just get the front painted.... LOL! It's lookin' pretty good, btw. I probably won't be around a computer much while I'm there. Me + my mom + 5 kids= Mania! Just kidding..but I know we'll be busy. I'm so looking forward to the trip. I know it'll be long but I like traveling and seeing different parts of the country. I've driven to Michigan and flown to Florida but this is my first time going to Ohio. My sis lives close to Cleveland and Akron. I'm hoping to find some fabric stores. I guess I mentioned that before...oh well, I obsessed with fabric. teehee! I have gotten a little sewing done. My son desparately needs shorts so I used an Ottobre pattern and altered it to be a one pattern piece short with no side seams. Makes it a super fast sew. I have a ton of Chez Ami fabric that I ordered when it was clearanced so I made him 4 pairs of knit shorts. I still need to get the waistbands in 3 of them so we can take them with us.

Okay, I'm rambling now and I need to go get my daughter from her Granny's. I'll try to get one more post before I go and I'll show you what I did for the lil guy's shorts.

Have a great week!

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