Friday, June 6, 2008

Sewing and stuff

I haven't updated 'cause I just haven't had much to visit about, I guess. I'm still sewing like a mad woman. I finished up a cute top using some groovy Alexander Henry fabric. It's called "Baddanna" and looks like a bandanna print but up close you see it has skull and cross bones. Cool. I look a little preggers in the top photo there. I assure you, I am NOT. I'm just standing kinda wonky.

Our trip to OKC may be off, unfortunately. With the cost of gas and everything we figure it'll be around $800. That includes my tattoo, though. Soooo, no Foo Fighters, no ink.... poo. But on a lighter side we can take half of that moolah and take the kids to Wonderland Park in Amarillo! While we're down there we may check out the tat shops. It's much closer and we can make a trip in a day instead of having to sleep over. We'll just see. But as talk of gas is going up to over $5 a gallon, I have a feeling OKC is out. Oh, David Grohl, I'll miss seeing you belt out those tunes.
And, dammit, I was really looking forward to this tattoo!!! Ah well.

One thing we've been enjoying is bike rides almost every night. I told Gene once school starts in the fall I'm going to take Conner in his little cart. It hooks on to the back of the bike and he loves it. We did a test run and it only took us about 8 minutes to get to his school! Gene is riding to work a few days a week and that only takes him 5-6 minutes. Yay! Saving gas, good for environment, great for my porky ass!

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