Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Shop till you drop

Well, had a good time visiting my Mom and Dad. It was Dad's B-day on Sun. so we took him out to eat on Sat. Went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of yarn. I got some crochet thread and I'm gonna try that...hmm. Got Meghan's poncho almost finished. Just need ot make the pom-poms. I'm going to start on the other one with the Bright and Lofty yarn (Bikini pink). I found a super cute teddy pattern at Lion Brand yarn website. I have got to make one for Conner! I want to make myself a poncho for this spring, too. I found some really pretty blue yarn and it is super soft. I'll make it kinda airy. Oooo can't wait.
I also printed off some cloth diaper patterns. I'd like to make some covers, too. I am trying to use cloth more often. I just have been feeling so bad for throwing all those disposibles away. I can't believe all the trash they generate! Never even thought about it the first time around. Of course I was young and dumb at the time! I'm working on being a greener mom. Yeaah...Go me!

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