Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'm an idiot...

Why don't I ever look to see if yarn has a dye lot? The Bikini pink yarn has one and boy are they different! oh well, I'm to poor to get all new yarn. Meghan's poncho will be sort of colorblocked I guess. Note to self: check for DYE LOTS YOU STUPID IDIOT!!! I have started knitting a wash cloth too and it is going pretty well. I knit too tight but otherwise it looks good.

On another note why do we have to continually pass around colds. Meghan had one, gave it to me, then Conner, now me again and Conner at the same time and Meghan is still coughing like a 30 year smoker! I think we are goin to stay home fo rEaster though. That'll be nice. Gas is to friggin' expensive anyway.

Well, I have to go catch up on laundry...yuck

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