Friday, November 12, 2010

Sewing for the Boy!

Well, I've been sick for going on 3 weeks now. It's my danged sinuses, and I'm too cheap to go to the doctor for meds. But, I tell ya, it hasn't slowed me down in the sewing room! Besides my test sewing for the book, I've really been on a kick of sewing for Conner lately. He's been going through this stage where he doesn't like his jeans with snaps. His little fingers aren't quite strong enough to snap those buggers. I think most of this stems from bathroom breaks at school and having to schlep back down the hall, pants undone, for his teacher to help him with them. I certainly can't blame him! That sucks. So anyhoo, I had made him up the Dapper Dillingers awhile ago in a twill and he has really been wearing those out. I love the styling with the flat front and all. I think they look more 'grown up' than an all-elastic waistband, too. Here they are:
I decided to make him a pair in denim since it's getting cold here in Kansas. I have some really nice stuff that I've had setting around for quite awhile. I made him some jeans a couple of years ago from it and they outlasted every pair I bought off the rack! They still look good even now, they're just too short. Conner is pretty thin, only a 20" waist, so I made him the size 4/5 Dappers. The length was spot-on, too. I might need to lengthen just a touch next time so they last even longer. I didn't want him walking on the cute cuffs, though. Although, if he did, and the fabric frayed, the cuff would be so easy to replace! For this pair, I drafted a faux fly so they would have the look of jeans. I love how it turned out!

Sorry about the wack-a-do coloration. I don't know what's wrong with my camera. It's almost 6 years old, that's what's wrong! You can find more detailed pictures on my flickr page!

I also made him another pair of jeans. This is from one of my favorite Ottobre patterns. It's from the 1/2009 issue and is design #21, among others (it's the base for several styles in the issue). They are an elastic waist pant and are somewhat slim fitting although it doesn't look it on him! They are so easy to throw together; I swear it takes me about 30 minutes. Plus, it's a blank canvas for all kinds if embellishment: pockets, patches, etc. Next go on these, I will add a faux fly too and maybe a separate waistband.
And last is a Tee for Two! I made this up using some of Patty Young's "clown stripe" knit that was gifted to me by Shelly. It's some pretty lush stuff. I've read about the extreme shrinkage so I washed and dried 2-3 times before I cut into it. He wore the shirt and then I washed it on cold. The second time it was still the same size so I think we're good.
It fits so good and I love the slimmer cut, too. These are a fast sew and they have raw edges so no hemming! Makes 'em go that much faster! I was going to cut out a few more but didn't get around to it. I think this weekend I'll buckle down. He really needs some long sleeve shirts!

It's kind of funny because I just told Millie how my kids were getting to the point where they don't want to wear "Momma Made" stuff. This week Conner has worn at least one handmade garment each day! We even had two days where everything down to his undies were handmade. Love those days, even for myself! So I guess I'm eating those words, Millie! Ha! And I'm tickled pink!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We have a chance for snow! I think that's a perfect reason to snuggle up in my sewing room!


Angela said...

Very nice job! I can see why he's so happy!

beachgirl said...

The pants you made for your son look great! That's great that he's been wearing momma made clothes a bunch lately too. My son likes it when I sew for him but he has to approve every last detail. I'm hoping he'll continue to *let* me sew for him awhile longer!

Millie said...

Ha! Eat your words is right! I'm delighted... All the clothes are wonderful. I really like the look of the Dappers. I've seen them made up as school uniform trousers...we'll need some new ones soon. I love that Ottobre pattern too. I've made it twice now.
I was only thinking of you today..I ordered the Bra Makers Manual! I'm still reeling!

KID, MD said...

Great stuff!! I love all the pants - Logan is needing winter gear as well. I have made that Otto pattern at least 3 times, too. It's a great one!

Big in Japan said...

He is very cute and very stylin' in those trousers. So is there elastic in the back of the waistband?

beangirl said...

So cute! And the clothes too. I totally believe in no-button jeans for kids under the age of 7. Poor things just never can be sure of getting then done up right at school.

Mom Made days are good days, right?

Heather said...

Thanks everyone! I was kind of shocked that he didn't complain once. Ususally he comes home and strips most of his clothing off but he'd actually keep his momma-made stuff on all day. Amazing!


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