Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thrown for a loop!

I have had so much crap happen in the past few weeks I can't even believe it! It really threw me for a loop and completely off track. I was doing so good with posting here. I have a recipe lined up for Thursday believe it or not. I really want to get back to that since I've missed the past two. This one will be another yummy bath and body recipe! Speaking of, has anyone tried any of the recipes I've posted? B&B or food? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Anyhoo, I have a custom panty order (3 pairs! YAY!) to get working on and a friend wants me to make her a lingerie set for Valentine's Day. That should be fun! Have you ever had a friend that you know is wearing the wrong bra size and you just want to shake her and say so? Yes, well, she's my friend like that so I'm kinda excited about getting her tricked out properly and telling her what her true bra size is. I know she's gonna freak 'cause I'm thinkin' her boobs are bigger than mine, which is really saying something, and she seems a bit in denial about this. The other day she came over wearing no bra because all of hers were in the wash. I would never-ever-ever-ever go anywhere without a bra. Maybe if I was a 34B but since I'm a 38J, no way sistah! I'd put an eye out.

Alright, clearly I'm rambling today. I need to get to work anyway!

Have a good one!

Oh! And as a parting shot, I came across this Elvgren Pin-up the other day and thought it was so pretty I just wanted to share! He is one of my most favorite pin-up artists ever!


Kathleen said...

feel free to delete this, couldn't find your email address.

On Gertie's blog, you'd said:
"I do wonder if pattern companies steer away from the larger size ranges simply because as humans get larger their fat distribution is so widely varied."

This is absolutely true. When people are hgt/wgt proportionate, there is less shaping variation btwn them. As people gain weight, the degree and range of disparity increases dramatically. They don't merely add inches to a thinner shape in predictable increments. If they did, it'd be easier to grade it in. Here's an entry from my site that explains the less obvious difficulties.

Kathleen said...

Sorry, bad link. It should be:

Heather said...

Hi Kathleen, Thank you for the link. I won't delete as someone else might be interested!


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