Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Home!

And completely exhausted! The drive home seemed to take a lot longer and was much more tiring than the drive to Ohio. Isn't that always how it is though? We had a good time going to Akron Zoo and a really cool park in Medina. I got to go to JoAnn's one day while my mom stayed at home with the kids, bless her. The rest of the time was spent hangin' around the house. It got a little wild at times what with 5 kids under 12 and a very large puppy but that's okay.

My trip to JoAnn's proved fruitful. I purchased a few fabrics to make some summer dresses. I'd like to get them done before we leave for Colorado but I'm not sure if that's happenin'. They had a sale going on so that was good. I'll post some pictures later after I've more time to decompress.

I must say I'm glad to be home! ;-)

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