Friday, April 17, 2009

It's been rainin'

I think our apple tree will be most pleased with this and hopefully she'll give us some apples this fall! They are soooo good, let me tell ya! They're the sweet/tart kind htat are perfect for baking....mmmmm yummy!

I've still been sewing a lot ince my last post. I bought a bra pattern from the Netherlands recently and sewed it up the other day. For some reason it turned out incredibly huge! See all that extra fabric on top? Good gravy...

It doesn't look half as bad on Gertie there as it does on me. Of course Gert still has perky breasts. Bitch. Anyhoo, I'm trying to devise a way to save this bra. I really like the fabric and with all the work that goes into it, I just can't bear to scrap it. I'm going to try to take some tucks in the top cup and I unpicked the cup seam to take out a little fullness there, too. I think I might email the woman I bought it from too, who is also the designer, and see what she thinks about the crazy sizing. The band fits beautifully though! In fact, I've never had a band fit so well with absolutely NO adjustments! So, I'm going to trudge on a bit longer and we'll see what's what.

I've also been working on swimwear! That's something new for me. I swim 4 days a week now with my husband and my old suits are quite literally disentigrating. I've tried Jalie 2317 and McCall's 4848 so far with mixed results. I chose the "sporty" version of the Jalie with the legs and it just didn't work. The legs kept crawling up while I swam and it was super uncomfortable and the McCall's was okay except the top wanted to float up all the time. Neither one gave me the needed bust support I so deparately need. A lot of these issues are probably due to the fabric, though. I found it at a thrift shop, for cryin' out loud, so who knows where it really came from. I think with a higher quality fabric I wouldn't have most of those problems. I do want to try the Jalie again and just use the "regular" suit version and try to add an underwire bra inside. In the meantime I ordered a couple of Speedo suits.... yeah, I caved.

I want to leave you all with this video. Have you seen it? AWESOME!


Cindy said...

Your apple tree looks like it is growing in a lake, maybe you can swim in your garden? Try the Kwiksew swimsuits. I have been making my own swimsuits for years, and they are the best I have found. You will have to make a bra to put inside your swimsuit to have good support, or if you are lazy like me, but up an old bra and put it inside, just make sure it is one that will dry quickly, or you will get very chilly.

Heather M said...

Thanks Cindy! I'll have to try Kwik Sew. I think I have an older one from the 80's in my stash. I have an older bra that I can can cut up too!

And, yes, we got some crazy rain the other day. The ground here in SW Kansas isn't used to much of anything but wind! I think it went into shock! LOL!


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