Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Last minute everything!

Well we seem to be doing everything in the last minutes before school starts. We were gone over the weekend to do some school shopping and stayed at my mom and dad's since they are close to Wichita. Meghan is staying there for the week and we will be going back there on Wednesday. We have a "thing" to go to Thurs. and Fri. Gene was eligible for "Admiral's Club" with his job. This basically means he sold enough life insurance during a previous period and is being acknowledged by getting to go to this special meeting. It's actually pretty cool. I'm going with him and on Thursday night we are having a Murder Mystery Dinner and everyone has a "part". Gene is Louis Armstrong and I'm Karen Carpenter. We are going to have fun with it though. They said for us to go all out for it and Gene is borrowing a trumpet from a buddy and I am working on a costume. I just need some bell bottoms or something as I have a top that should work. It'll be a stretch 'cause Karen was really small and petite and well, I'm so very not! Anyhoo, it should be fun.

I got a lovely letter from my "A letter for me #3" swap partner yesterday. Miz Natalie is from the U.K. which was so cool to me and it seems as though we have quite a bit in common. So, I promptly wrote her a 5 or 6 page letter and got it to the post office today. It only cost 85 cents! Cool! I'm having too much fun with these swaps, I tell ya. I went to Craftster and had a look at their swaps and it just looks too complicated! Too many rules although, I understand the reasoning! I really must get going though. I have lots of laundry to catch up on before we leave again! I'll be staying at my Mom's for a few days after we get done with the meetings since my sister and her kids will be there too! Wow! 5 kids under one roof? Eeeek!

Later ya'll!

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