Monday, July 17, 2006

where does the time go (and stinkin' Ebay sellers)

(Warning: liberal dosing of profanity towards end, sorry)
Whew! I cannot believe this summer is nearly over. In saying that I don't mean the temperature, by any means! It's supposed to be 107 degrees today! Eeegads...
What I'm meaning is Meghan will be back in school soon and I'll be able to get back on some sort of schedule again. wahoo! It's hard to believe she just turned 9 and will be in the 4th grade! Ahh....that means I'm gettin older, too.

We had a really nice trip to my brother's for the 4th of July holiday. It was not nearly long enough. We had so much fun at Worlds of Fun and plan to go again. In talking to my S-I-L, she'd like it to maybe become a yearly thing to do something for the holiday. Which is cool with me. I had a good talk with my brother, too. Everytime family gets together we are all so rushed and never really get to talk. That was really nice. We didn't get to do everything we wanted but it was nice to get away form this town!

Oh, and Conner got ahold of one of their china teacups and broke it. Eek! I think it was her grandma's china. God, I felt like shit! But I found one on I got it last week and it was the wrong one so I had to send it back. I should be gettin the correct one soon. I also found some of the china on Ebay. I got a really good price on a set of sooup bowls, sugar and creamer, gravy boat, and oval veggie bowl. When I got it I opened it up and heard the horrid clanking sound of broken china. Oh I was pissed! The veggie bowl, creamer handle and one soup bowl was broken! I could have just strangled that lady! She did the shittiest packing job I have ever seen!!! I was just sick! She refunded part of the money to me but I still feel like I got ripped. In the auction she even said the packing was a little higher priced so she could pack it extra good. Fuck that! Fucking bitch! GGGrrgrgrggrrr! Okay, I'm making myself angry again. Must. calm. down. (inhale, exhale) Anyway, it just really made me mad because the reason I friggin' bid on her stupid aucion was because it had those serving pieces! FUUUCKKK!!! Uh... sorry about the sprinkling of "F" words. I can't help it. It feels very cleansing though. To a small degree. I hate to leave negative feedback and I never have but, I dunno, this may warrant it. What would you all do?

I really have to go now and friggin' blogger is not letting me post any pictures....AGAIN! What am I doing wrong! I swear I'm thinking of switching to typepad! Maybe after school starts and I'll actually have time to blog!

Later ya'll

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Kateyj said...

Leave the negative feedback. If you don't feel that it's necessarily warranted though, you can always leave neutral feedback. I always read both negative and neutral feedback before bidding now. Let us know what happens!

And, oh yeah, typepad rules. I used to use blogger... grrr... just thinking about it makes me mad!


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