Sunday, February 27, 2005

School Carnivals are cool

Had Meghan's school carnival last night and actually had fun. I volunteered to help with her class' booth, the Pop Pyramid. Got to see lots of people we don't get to see very often which was nice. Her Room-mother got some boy scouts to help with the booth so we sat on our butts most of the time and chatted, which was cool. Conner did pretty good. He was a good sport about letting strange people hold him.
Worked a little more on Meghan's poncho but we have to clean house today 'cause Gene's Mom and Dad are coming over for dinner. My B-day is on Tues. so we are celebrating early. Whoo-hoo. I'm down to my last "20 something" so I'm a little depressed. More than I thought I would be. Oh well, age is only a number and I act like I'm 12 most of the time anyway.

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